Saskatoon's GF Restaurants

This is a non-comprehensive list of a few places in Saskatoon that offer good gluten free options.

Inside Out Bakery
This is a dedicated gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free (and more) bakery that has everything from cakes to cookies, muffins, bread and cinnamon buns. You can order online and pick it up from a few locations around the city. You can also eat in at the Inside Out Eatery located in Herbs N Health on broadway and 9th. For my full post on the Inside Out Bakery click here.
102-2301 Ave C North, airport industrial are.
Driveway off Haskamp Street.

Jerry's Artisan Burgers and Gelato
I've been here a few times and really appreciate the option of gluten free bread with the sandwiches, burgers and breakfast (toast). They charge $0.75 extra for the gluten free bread (totally worth it). They have a gluten free menu available at the main counter. I think the burger buns are really good. They actually hold together while you bite down on their massive burgers. Their fries and hashbrowns aren't gluten free because of the cross-contamination of their fryers. It's too bad they can't dedicate just one fryer to be gluten free. Their prices are pretty decent too... around $12 for a meal. I was told they can even make gluten free ice cream cakes (gelato too)!
844 51st E

EE Burritos (Mexican)
This place is adorable and has great food and helpful staff. My favourite is the chicken enchilada (which are made with soft corn tortillas). They don't have a specific GF menu, but if you ask what is gluten free the waitress or manager will let you know. Near the checkout they also have a mini Mexican store where you can buy quality corn tortillas at a great price ($8 for 80). I love having these on hand for homemade fish tacos, etc. If you like Mexican food you'll love this place. It's located on the corner or 22nd and ave P (102 ave P south)

Keo's Kitchen (Thai Food)
At the bottom of the menu they state that most menu items can be made gluten free.All you have to do is ask your server. Their food is delicious and is served fairly mild. Probably my favourite restaurant in the city.

1013 Broadway Ave
Saskatoon, SK S7N

Schryer's Smoked BBQ Shack
I've heard they have a new gluten-free BBQ sauce, although I haven't tried it yet. This place is more like fast food than a sit down restaurant, but they give massive portions and amazing flavour.

2830 Millar Avenue
Saskatoon, SK

Spicy Bite (Authentic Indian Food)
This is a charming little family run Indian food restaurant located in a strip mall style building on 8th st. This place is a favourite of my dad's (he is gluten free and loves Indian food) and since most Indian food is naturally gluten free, it's an easy, safe place for us to eat. The owner is very friendly and will do whatever he can to ensure that you have a great meal. There is a daily lunch and supper buffet filled with different kinds of meat curries, rice and legume dishes. It also includes an amazing rice pudding (Kheer) made with whole spices and almonds (and I'm pretty sure pure cream!). They usually have samosa's or pakora on the buffet. Pakora is gluten free (made with chickpea flour) but the samosa's are not.

If you like spicy food and are willing to try something new (or already love Indian food), I would highly recommend this restaurant. Simply tell the server that you can't have anything with wheat and he will make sure to keep the naan bread off your plate. They also have lots of take out options and do catering. For more information, you can check out their website
I think they have moved recently.

Crave Cupcakes

They have gluten free cupcakes and cakes. I have never tried them so I can't comment on the quality or taste, but the cupcakes go for $3.75 a piece and cakes start at $45.

802 Broadway Ave
Saskatoon, SK

The Berry Barn
They offer gluten free waffles with a delicious waffle bar including whip cream, fruit and various syrups. I got a whole waffle and could barely eat half. You can order a half waffle for roughly half the price! They have 1 or 2 gf  other options too.

830 Valley Road
7 miles South of Saskatoon